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Dialysis appointments every week? Physical therapy twice a month? 

Set your schedule ahead of time and get a consistent ride without having to worry or call every time.

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Able to walk about and not bedridden


Not able to walk about but not bedridden


Not able to walk about and bedridden


Able to move freely with or without assistance.

Learn the skill and become a NEMT professional.

About Tap2ride

Rental service with a wide range of vehicles

TAP2RIDE NEMT App Our technology enable sus to have GPS tracking on all  of our transportation partners, real-time data and forecast analytics which not only allows us to see where each NEMT vehicle is located but it enables us to solve any issues beforehand. Meeting passenger demand on schedule and to minimize the use of FWA Fraud Waste Abuse and safety is our ultimate goal!

TAP2RIDE client information is on secure servers to protect them from getting into the wrong hands.








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Tap2Ride is on Demand Real Time NEMT App which enables us to provide real-time and up to the moment analytics allowing both patients and healthcare providers to manage all aspects of their NEMT transportation needs- stress free. Tap2Ride non-emergency medical transportation web app solution is dedicated to optimizing patient care and service getting clients to their medical appointments just a tap away, and we offer the following NEMT service for ambulatory. 

Wheelchair, Stretcher, Bariatic, Whellchair, Bariatric Stretcher service 24/7